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We take the time to listen to our clients, understand their pain points and improve their situation through practical, useful recommendations to help these clients prosper and grow. We explain and minimise the complexity of any situation by using clear and simple terminology. Our objective is to provide sound advice and reporting to meet your needs now and in the future. Click here to read more

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"In 2005 I found myself in the unenviable position of facing the future with two young boys as a single parent. I had no experience with understanding the importance of financial advice and I was intimidated about where the future for my children and I was heading. After some discussion with family, I was encouraged to seek financial advice regarding the planning of my superannuation and planning the structure of my track towards financial security and retirement. I would like to thank Barry Hayes and the team at Hayes Girling for supporting me to understand this process including the levels of risk associated with financial investment, creating my financial plan and actioning these details which included superannuation and insurance advice. I cannot emphasize the value of this advice and how it impacted every part of my life. I now have a clear understanding of how I will reach my financial goals. This means that I sleep at night knowing that my financial future is planned and moving in the right direction. The team at Hayes Girling continue to assist me annually to reassess my needs according to my personal situation I would urge all women to take a proactive interest in their financial situation and that of their immediate family regardless of their stage in life. Empower yourself with knowledge and see the cumulative benefits of your efforts with the assistance of Hayes Girling"


"We enlisted the services of Andrew Surman and the team at Hayes Girling Financial to guide us through the financial aspects of placing our Mother into an aged care facility and have enjoyed a close working relationship for the past two years. Very professional and genuinely engaged as true advisers, Andrew’s knowledge in the industry is invaluable and the advice we were given with respect to pension maximisation and the orderly arrangement of financial affairs has given us peace of mind. Andrew takes the time to understand his client’s needs, and always keeps those needs at top of mind when recommending strategies. Andrew is very approachable and reliable, and we could not speak more favourably of Hayes Girling Financial, of which we have a high degree of trust for the advice and services provided to us."

     Tracy and Leanne

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Now that we've discussed fundamentals and planning for your businesses future, it's time to make some money! 
This session will focus on marketing, knowing your competitors, prospecting and the importance of pricing.

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