I’m thinking about retiring

You have worked hard for a long time and are now starting to seriously think about what comes next after work. How will you fund your retirement and enjoy the lifestyle you desire once you do decide to stop the 9-5? You have heard stories in the media that have stated some big numbers about the amount of money you need in retirement and now you want to know how much money you really need? How can you ensure you make the best of your current situation?

Our wealth management and advisory teams at Hayes Girling Financial will spend the time to understand you and discuss with you what your desired future looks like, what is important to you and what you are trying to achieve. We then overlay your current financial position with our advice to come up with a strategy tailored for your unique circumstances. This will help you put you in charge of your financial life and ready to face the future.

If you want to see how financially healthy you are now, why not take our five minute financial health check? One of our team members will then contact you with the results and to discuss your current situation.



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