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Now that we've discussed fundamentals and planning for your businesses future, it's time to make some money! 
This session will focus on marketing, knowing your competitors, prospecting and the importance of pricing.

When a marriage or de facto relationship breaks down, it can be a stressful time and the task of separating finances scan often add to the pressure. Getting the right advice can help you make the tough financial decisions about your assets and superannuation.

The end of financial year is nearly upon us...and while the thought of preparing you paperwork for tax time may be a headache, it's a good opportunity to think about what you might actually do with a tax refund if you're expecting a return this year.

Does investing in a financial planner really pay off? According to the latest research from Sunsuper you could be thousands of dollars better off when you make choices based on professional financial advice.

Are you new to business, thinking of starting a small business or simply looking to educate yourself further on successfully running your small business?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we recommend you register to take part in our small business boot camp series. 

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