Our clients are at the centre of everything we do at Hayes Girling Financial. Your success in reaching your goals is what keeps us working hard and motivates us to continue to provide a high level of service. We are thankful to a number of our clients for taking the time out to write the following testimonials for the services of Hayes Girling Financial

"Both Jana & Pooja are life savers. They have gone above and beyond, turning Financial heartache around and help give us much needed direction. I can not praise them enough for all their effort."

Chris Wardle

Director Ninety9Designs Pty Ltd

"I really cannot thank you enough for your support and everything you do for us. Makes life a lot easier for me knowing you guys are just a phone call or email away and happy to answer my (often silly) questions!
Andy and I constantly discuss how lost we would be without all your support, your quick replies to our queries and most importantly that we can come to you guys with any questions and you don’t make us feel stupid for not knowing the answers.
Even though we know you have a lot of clients, you have made us feel like we are a top priority right from the start. It has made this whole process really enjoyable!"

Lauren Newland 
Administrator at Inline Cabinetry Pty Ltd 

"We do thank you for your hard work you do for us. Like others, we were nervous/embarrassed to see a financial planner as all we heard on the radio was “you need $1M” to retire and we thought we were ‘little fish’ and so we just buried our heads in the sand.  We are so pleased and relieved that we finally sought advice and feel so much better now and in control of our financial position. We appreciate your wonderful service and advice etc."

Graham & Jennie
Financial Planning Clients 

"Thank you so much, such efficiency. Glad we chose your company, nothing is ever an issue."

Amie Chiarilli

PH Bathrooms Remodelling 

"I have been using Hayes Girling as my accountants for nearly fifteen years and have found the whole team to be wonderful, warm, helpful and friendly. Andrew Surman, in particular, is a very special advisor who, not only has brought me excellent returns on my investments but has taken the time to know me and my late wife who also thought the world of him. He has helped me through a very tough time, as well as providing sound financial advice. I cannot recommend him and Hayes Girling enough."

John Nagel
Accounting & Financial Planning Client

"I recently converted to Xero with the help of Hayes Girling Financial.  After 9 years using the same accounting program I was rather reluctant to change, but the promise of saved time within the book keeping process was too good to pass up. The staff at Hayes Girling Financial converted my extensive file so it was up to date and ready to use in Xero, and they went above and beyond to ensure the change over was as smooth as possible.  Only a very small amount of training was needed to get up and running as Xero is very user friendly. Thus far, I can clearly see that the promise of saved time was true, from live bank feeds to instant super payments, Xero has it all."

Jean Rode
Accounts, Positive Control Electrics Pty Ltd 

"The team at Hayes Girling Financial are extremely diligent, professional, and ethical. They play a very important role in assisting us with our business; a real extension of our internal team.
With their constant support, we have been able to concentrate and spend time on other key aspects of our business; enabling future growth and success.
For long term results look no further, a relationship to be proud of."

Matthew Tunks 
Director, Teksec Pty Ltd

"Thanks Trini, as usual you astound me with your service level"


"I was born in the Philippines and moved to Australia in 2005. I am married and have three children, two are already grown up and the youngest 15 years old when I was diagnosed with Small Cell Lung Cancer - Limited Stage in March 3, 2016. I was shocked and so was my family as I am physically fit and in good health.  I will always remember the pain and tears from my wife as well as my son’s face when the oncologist gave the prognosis.
My rigid & continuous treatment wore me down and I had to stop working which is my way of living. At the same time enormous bills creating financial difficulty for my family, added to my stress.

I contacted Cancer Council Victoria, who referred me to the Cancer Council Pro Bono Program for financial planning advice and support. The Cancer Council Pro Bono Program is delivered by Cancer Council NSW in partnership with Cancer Council Victoria. When the Cancer Council Pro Bono Program referred my family and I to Hayes Girling Financial, my wife & I were at the lowest point of our lives due to my Cancer in recurrence. So thankful to the Lord God for sending HGF to us when we needed help most. 

Trini Montes provide us practical advice in managing our personal budget & finances and most especially helped us access my superannuation & the insurance benefits including the Income Protection Claim. Her team assisted us in completing various forms, photocopied & sorted all the supporting documents, gave feedback and updates from time to time until I received payment in the fastest way we’ve never imagined!

We are forever grateful to Trini Montes, Hayes Girling Financial team for their warmth, welcome & hospitality during our visit in their office. You are highly commendable for your competency, expertise, professionalism & for giving genuine concern for someone like me. More Power and God Bless!"  


"In 2005 I found myself in the unenviable position of facing the future with two young boys as a single parent. I had no experience with understanding the importance of financial advice, and I was intimidated about where the future for my children and I was heading. After some discussion with family, I was encouraged to seek financial advice regarding the planning of my superannuation and planning the structure of my track towards financial security and retirement.

I would like to thank Barry Hayes and the team at Hayes Girling for supporting me to understand this process including the levels of risk associated with financial investment, creating my financial plan and actioning these details which included superannuation and insurance advice. I cannot emphasize the value of this advice and how it impacted every part of my life. I now have a clear understanding of how I will reach my financial goals. This means that I sleep at night knowing that my financial future is planned and moving in the right direction.

The team at Hayes Girling continue to assist me annually to reassess my needs according to my personal situation I would urge all women to take a proactive interest in their financial situation and that of their immediate family regardless of their stage in life. Empower yourself with knowledge and see the cumulative benefits of your efforts with the assistance of Hayes Girling"


"This is not really a testimonial; it’s more a public service announcement…a continuous THANK YOU to the staff at Hayes Girling - year after year - taking care of my tax and finance business. I’ve recently been able to purchase my first home that couldn’t have been possible without their financial advice and guidance. Their incredible professionalism and friendly manner over the years is the reason I am loyal to them, and will continue to be so."


"We enlisted the services of Andrew Surman and the team at Hayes Girling Financial to guide us through the financial aspects of placing our Mother into an aged care facility and have enjoyed a close working relationship for the past two years. Very professional and genuinely engaged as true advisers, Andrew’s knowledge in the industry is invaluable and the advice we were given with respect to pension maximisation and the orderly arrangement of financial affairs has given us peace of mind. Andrew takes the time to understand his client’s needs, and always keeps those needs at top of mind when recommending strategies. Andrew is very approachable and reliable, and we could not speak more favourably of Hayes Girling Financial, of which we have a high degree of trust for the advice and services provided to us."

Tracy and Leanne

"We are absolutely delighted with the Hayes Girling service. It is really refreshing to work with a financial advisor who is truly interested in the client’s needs, circumstances and preferences. What really impressed us was the way Andrew took the time to truly get a feeling for where we were at, your depth of knowledge, lateral thinking and your common sense approach set us on the right path. Your professional, ethical and caring demeanour instills confidence and we would gladly recommend your services whenever possible."

David and Jane

"Our first meeting with them was in 2015 where we discussed Our Company which was treading water at best and needed a fresh direction and a Company that had market leading software to help our efficiency and yet still increase the bottom line. With their advice and some planning meetings to discuss the options available to us we introduced a software programme that enables us to run all facets of our business and with its implementation saved us $40,000 in salaries in our administration alone.

With Xero you can see the problem coming and rectify the situation before it hits. We have turned the Company around in two years into a viable operation which will operate well into the future. Ai Kin and Jana are our Accountants that we deal with and with all the other accountants at our disposal, it is great being able to get an answer on a situation almost immediately.

Andrew and Barry have helped set up the other Directors so that their future is now controlled by experts and ensures them of a successful retirement. Our meetings discuss Tax situations and the solution on how to plan for this. Our Budgeting was never easier and monitoring expenses is now a daily occurrence enabling us to stay on top of problems arising in about 5 minutes a day. 
The Office staff are all polite and efficient making sure all messages are passed on in a time effective manner. If you're prepared to listen they can show you how to navigate through the problems that business incurs. They have my fullest recommendation as they are Professional and yet still cost efficient with a full understanding of the problems that we face. "

John Quilligan
Director, Proshift Group

"HGF have been my accountants for the past 2 years and during that time have provided me with an outstanding level of service. I have worked with several accounting firms over many years in business and my decision to move my affairs across to HGF was one of the best I have made. I have no hesitation in recommending my clients, friends and family to HGF."

Jon Ward
Director, iConnect Financial

"Our association with Hayes Girling goes back 20 years, our first contact with John Girling prior to our retirement, and has continued when John joined with Barry Hayes to become Hayes Girling. John and Andrew Surman have attended to our Financial requirements and managed our Super Account to our utmost satisfaction. We have had excellent service from Hayes Girling over the years and would fully recommend them. We have absolute confidence in their Financial Advice generally, and in relation to recommended adjustments to our Super. We look forward to the continuing friendly and efficient relationship that has been established."

Pauline and Stan Delaney 

"It was good to catch up last week and review the retirement portfolios for Marion and myself. I have since read the extensive review document you provided us at the meeting. The document is indeed very thorough and most importantly highlights the  strategy and planning you put into place on my retirement last year is working well for us both.

It is a great comfort to know we have a good income stream from professional investment planning. It is certainly something we could not have done for ourselves.

Lastly, I commented to Marion as we were leaving your office that everytime we call in to see you we are treated as friends not just clients which is a rare commodity these days and very much appreciated."


"Hayes Girling have their clients' interests at heart and take the time to ensure we are totally comfortable with anything put into place."



Thank you to our clients for your continual support and comments!

If you wish to provide the team with a further testimonial or feedback, please contact us at fp@hgfin.com.au