Specialises in:

  • Business Advisory and Accounting
  • Tax Planning
  • Management Reporting and Forecasting


  • Chartered Accountant (CA)
  • Fellowship member of CPA Australia (FCPA)
  • Bachelor of Business with a Major in Accounting

Nigel Mason    

Business Advisor & Accounting Manager

Joining the HGF team in 2021, Nigel is a business advisor with strong leadership, analytical abilities and experience in commercial businesses. He understands financial results, and how to improve business performance. 

He has a strong overall business acumen leading to an understanding of the business’ performance, resulting in a greater depth of its underlying profit drivers. Using his unique skill set means he is able to look beyond the numbers and has a deeper understanding of the key areas required to improve the performance of a business. 

Nigel has a proven record of communicating critical information in a way that is clearly understood and generates desired outcomes.

Nigel’s strong leadership skills was illustrated by establishing a business peer to peer leadership group for 15 businesses.  Nigel was featured in the CPA magazine INTHEBLACK. Nigel is both a Chartered Accountant and has recently been awarded fellowship membership of CPA Australia. This recognition was awarded to him as a result of his professional work experience and being an expert in his field of expertise. FCPAs are renowned worldwide as having gained unparalleled experience in the field of accounting and finance. FCPAs are also recognised and respected around the world as being leaders in their industries.

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